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[07 Jun 2004|09:57pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Hey guys tomorrow i am going to emma's and i am so excited we r going to the mall (fashion square) and then i am going to soccer for to hours with kiera and we have a lot of and yea thats it basically
and mark starr is a sweatheart ( i think) hahaha dena lol
BFF _ Dena sofia Nicola
hahaha lol

emma im going to miss u next year!

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[28 May 2004|11:09am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Aight last night was lil weird cuz matts friend was callin me a slut and shit all cuz i broke up with matt and yea its all good though cuz he is a man ho

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[27 May 2004|12:58pm]
Hey guys im so happy im over with that guy im a single gurl and guys that arent friends with him r really happy i did that like brandon, matt lippman, cutie camile hahaaha(lol) and many more !!! HEHEHE
luv ya
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[19 May 2004|04:41pm]
hey hey guys today was just wonderful jk it was aight i mean i got into a fight with shantie but its all good cuz we mad eup it was kinda stupid aND YEA and dena bff jk hahaha (ally) and betsy if u read this write a comment aight aight bye bye luv chu all
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[18 May 2004|03:29pm]
[ mood | high ]

Today i wore the earings that kc cohrs gave me and matt got so pissed off for no reason and yea and denas the best because she made this lj for me and that was my day and shantie wore to much eye liner today for her own good jk luv ya. And some1 i cant name gave a hand job at the galleria who is in our grade, but uh hint hint i hate her!!! EEWW She's gross

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[16 May 2004|05:22pm]
Today I was @ dena's party (swimmming) and i had so much fun..... We pushed all the boys in the pool. then we went on the moon bounce which was amazing. i had a soccer game today, we won
comment <33
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